• Kevin Gleaton is a Very Impressive Marketing Specialist

  • Posted on April 20, 2021
  • Kevin C. Gleaton

    One very important belief that Kevin Gleaton (also known as KC Gleatn) has obtained over the years is the one that maintains that the key to success in marketing has more to do with giving his clients the results they want than anything else. While it is also important that his clients gain access to the audiences they want and need, he does everything in a very unique and important way. Ne reason his approach is singular in nature is probably due to the wide range of roles he has taken with his clients, who appreciate the results he manages t bring to their businesses, which usually find themselves more efficient and certainly more profitable.

    Throughout his marketing career, which by now covers nearly two decades, Kevin C. Gleaton has worked hard to gain experience in almost every area of modern marketing, including such specialties as marketing automation,marketing architecture, lead generation. Kevin is also a specialist when it comes to strategy, and he knows how to use new media development, campaign execution, and social media strategy as a way to gain an edge for a client company.

    The fact of the matter is, Kevin Gleaton continues to try to learn everything there is to possibly know, so that he can work closely with clients, to better their fortunes in a business climate that is always challenging. With Kevin’s attitude of infinite curiosity, he is usually successful. He knows he doesn’t know everything, but he strives to make every working day a learning experience. For example, he is faced with the overarching daily revelation is that digital marketing is not about technology, but rather, it's about the immersion of technology into everyday living.

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